A one-of-a-kind graduate experience.
Graduates are treated differently at IMC, because they are different. They’re restless perfectionists who love technology and never give up until a problem is solved. If that sounds like you, come start an extraordinary career with one of the world’s leading trading firms.

About Us

IMC is one of the world's leading proprietary trading firms, trading on the biggest exchanges in the world.

Founded in 1989 by two Dutch traders, IMC today employs over 400 people in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney, Zug, Hong Kong and Shanghai. We’re primarily active in algorithmic arbitrage and market-making on listed exchanges across the globe.

We trade on an entirely proprietary basis, and that means we don’t have clients. Instead, we use our own capital for all trading activity and take on all associated risks. With our sights firmly set on becoming the number one proprietary trading company in the world by profit and volume, the possibilities for our future and yours are endless.

Technology has transformed the old method of floor trading that you’ve seen in the movies to a process where traders are 'plugged in' to exchanges. We’re leading this transition. Our trading strategy involves using sophisticated algorithms, which are created and coded by us, to buy and sell a security at different prices. It creates a unique environment where traders and software engineers work as one team to apply technology in new and innovative ways.

Trading at IMC

Trading at IMC is different. Instead of making huge trades, we deal in a large number of small ones. These seek to profit from tiny price differences created between shares, futures and derivatives. As we’re using our own capital, it's up to our traders to generate the ideas for trades, which are executed via innovative systems that we develop in-house.

Software Engineering at IMC

Building automated trading systems requires our software engineers to work closely with traders at the front-end of our business. Our software needs to embrace cutting-edge technologies and advanced algorithms to compete with the best in the world, and each decision can have a huge impact on our trading success. We invest in any software engineer who joins us so they become experts in our technologies and our trading and analysis methods, and help us maintain our competitive edge.

Our World

If you like the idea of working in a place where there are no fancy job titles and inflated egos, and where people of all experience levels are rewarded equally for their contributions and ideas, you belong in our world.

Community involvement

Our people have energy and persistence that can be felt in every corner of our office floor. While we offer the excitement of a buzzing trading environment, our culture is casual, not corporate. It's collaborative, not hierarchical or political. And because we reward on merit instead of seniority, there's no limit to how far you can go or how much you can earn.

On this level playing field, our people are able to contribute their ideas, be heard and make an impact, right from the beginning. Traders and software engineers work closely together, rather than in isolation. We appreciate that our people have passions outside of the office and so we’ll give you the freedom to enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle. As far as your success is concerned, this all means that there's nothing to stand in your way.

Team spirit and togetherness is such a vital aspect of working life here – and that philosophy extends outwards to the community. We believe in the importance of philanthropic work, sharing wealth, and giving back – and so we support a number of charitable causes, with a primary focus on those associated with education.

For example, in 2012 IMC partnered with the Australian Centre for Child and Youth to launch IMC Sky High, a program for helping and mentoring disadvantaged youths. Sky High is a two-year program for youth aged between 12 and 14 years, with a goal of expanding their aspirations and perception of options for the future through exposure to a diverse range of experiences.

Our team actively volunteers time and resources to support the following charitable organisations:

Social events and benefits

We reward our people’s hard work through gestures like free breakfasts, fruit bowls and a fully-stocked bar. And with regular team dinners, charity events and Friday night drinks on the social schedule, you’ll feel part of the team straight away.

Our People

There's no better way to get to know IMC than from the people who are experiencing it every day. Step inside our world through some of their stories.

Brendan James

Team Lead, Trading
Joined IMC: 2006

"My journey has been a fantastic one. After three years trading on the Aussie options market, I was offered the opportunity to move to Chicago. There I built a team from scratch to help move IMC into the FX, Fixed Income and Commodity markets. It was a challenging few years but pretty soon our 9-person team were doing very well. After four years abroad, I returned to Australia to build and lead a new team in a different market."

Dean Teasdale

Team Lead, Trading
Joined IMC: 2008

"Every day is a new and exciting challenge. The marketplace is constantly evolving and it requires lots of innovation and creativity to remain competitive. Due to this, we all have the opportunity to help innovate and develop new ideas, strategies and systems. We’re encouraged to test our abilities, make our voices heard and push the limits. The atmosphere on the trading floor is full of energy and it creates a great working environment."

Trish Yap

Head of Corporate Development
Joined IMC: 2005

"I started at IMC in 2005 as a Graduate Trader in Sydney. From there I became a Stock/Research Manager and then worked my way up to Head of Operations. When IMC merged the Asia Pacific offices in 2010, I became the Head of Corporate Development for Asia Pacific and moved to Hong Kong. Since returning to Sydney in 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to travel all across Asia regularly, including Korea, Japan and China with the critical focus of building strategies for the business."

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Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program can offer you a learning experience that no other trading firm can. From our collaborative team environment in Sydney, you can start tackling challenges with the world’s brightest minds from your very first week.

Who we're looking for

Our success as a trading firm comes from hiring people who think and act a little differently to most. Our graduate traders and graduate software engineers are highly intelligent, inquisitive and tenacious, and never the type to give up without a win.

If you’re a top academic performer who loves to think fast and solve problems, and tackle new challenges every day, you’re one of our kind. Strong communication skills and a passion for collaboration are vital. You need the confidence to voice opinions, but it’s just as important that you can listen to and respect your teammates’ ideas and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

About The Program

Our Graduate Program provides everything you need to thrive in your new career. There’s no better way to start your journey than by learning the ropes alongside other graduates from around the world.

Program structure
The Graduate Program begins with a six-week training program in our Amsterdam office, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of our business and have time to explore the city alongside fellow graduates from across the globe. As soon as you’re up to speed on market-making concepts, you’ll learn all about options theory, our in-house technology systems and our trading products.

Once back in Sydney, you’ll hit the ground running in your new role and team. You’ll earn $125,000 package in your first year (plus bonus!) and receive all of the guidance you need to start trading or engineering software from your very first day. Your learning won’t stop there. Throughout the program you’ll benefit from ongoing opportunities to develop new skills and grow your career.

Team building
Because teamwork will be such a huge part of your work at IMC, your training will include all kinds of fun team-building exercises and workshops. These could include everything from scavenger hunts and go-karting to boat cruises, dinners, involvement in community events and more.




Not quite ready to launch your career yet?

Consider applying for one of our internships. They run for four weeks in winter, and twelve more intensive weeks in summer, and provide invaluable insight to the world of high frequency trading.

The Internship program will be a hands-on experience including time spent on the desk, being mentored by senior members of the team and being exposed to strong networking opportunities.

Recruitment Process

If you’re ready to sink your teeth into some great challenges, we’d like to hear from you. We’re currently accepting applications for Trader and Software Engineer positions in our 2017 Graduate Program. Get started on your application today!

The first step is to complete our online application form. Make sure you answer all questions and attach your resume and academic transcripts. In your cover letter, let us know why you believe that you’re right for this role and one of our kind.

If you make it through initial screening, you’ll be invited to participate in a series of assessment days. This is when you'll be interviewed and tested for aptitude and ability. The strongest candidates will then be invited to our 'Super Day' where we'll make our final offers.



To apply for our 2016 Trader Summer Intern position click 903-588-3225.

To apply for our 2016 Software Engineer Summer Intern position click here.

All other applications have now closed.


Contact Us

Have questions about what’s involved in application and recruitment process? Get in touch with our helpful Sydney recruitment team via circumlocutory. We wish you the best of luck with your application!